Psycho-education for family of patients

What is psychoeducation?

Psycho-education has become a household name in the world of mental health care. Professionals try to offer as specific information as possible about specific clinical pictures to patients and those involved.

My goal is not to give them insight into the relevant clinical picture, or to offer concrete strategies and techniques and to learn to understand the disease / disorder in order to learn more get a grip on life and thus also improve its quality. I offer this both individually and in group.

Who is our psycho-education for?

Although the time that people were kept ignorant and ignorant is largely over, we can hardly deny that ignorance, fear and prejudice about psychological problems are still a big taboo. Information is therefore necessary, also for the family members of persons with mental health problems. They are often left out in the entire process of mental health care and need information. I am convinced that it is important that they too know what the problem of their family member is. Family members who are involved in a person with psychosis or schizophrenia experience this need very strongly in view of the sometimes bizarre and strange symptoms and behaviors of their family members. Although most family members and patients have gathered quite a bit of information, a beautifully structured explanation, which is up-to-date and scientifically correct, is not a luxury. What of all the information gathered is correct? What about all those questions that you have always wanted but never dared to ask? I focus mainly on the family members of people with mental health problems but also on patients (provided clear agreements with treating therapist!), Interested parties. So I offer this both individually and in groups.