How much does a therapy cost?

A frequently asked question is how much psychotherapy can now cost. This question is not easy to answer. I sketch this briefly and try to frame this in my vision.

Although I can not say exactly how much the rate will be (because it is determined individually), I can state that the rule is that the price of psychotherapy varies depending on the psychotherapist and the type of therapy. A short therapy of the behaviorist type thus necessarily becomes cheaper than five months or three years of psychoanalysis! You can of course always contact me to find out the more individually approximate price (see contact). With some institutions we have agreements about the rate. In that case they will inform you of this.

In any case, the cost of our sessions during the first session will be the subject of a clear oral agreement between you and me.

Preferably, cash is paid after each session. The first call is € 85 as standard. We also request that we always plan two sessions in advance and we expect these sessions to be well recorded to avoid forgetting sessions. Telephone consultation is charged at 15 euros per ten minutes started. We count on this for your understanding.

At mutualities there are often a number of reimbursement options.

– Christian health insurance fund (CM): 50% per session, maximum of 30 euros. Members with increased compensation per session 75% with a maximum of 45 euros. Up to twelve allowances per member are provided. My CM accreditation number is 09976548

– Flemish Neutral Health Insurance Fund: 10 € per session, maximum 5 sessions per year

– Socialist Mutuality: this differs from province to province

– Euromut: 10 € per session, maximum 6 sessions per year

– Liberal Mutuality: € 20 per session, maximum 6 sessions per year (youth only -19)

– Partena: € 15 per session, maximum 6 sessions per year (youths only -19)

– Securex: 30 € per year (only young people -19)

– Relatives can normally also receive a small refund after the death of the family member.

This information is subject to change. For more information you can contact your health insurance or look at

If you receive an expense invoice, please pay this within fourteen days after sending this letter. In the absence of payment, default interest will be due to the statutory interest rates after the first reminder. In case of a first reminder an additional administration cost of 60 euros is due. Subsequently, a second and third reminder will be sent or called under the same conditions, after which the file will immediately be transferred for further claims. In the event of further notice of default, appeals will be made to a debt collection agency or a bailiff. These costs are fully recovered from the debtor. The Courts of Leuven are competent in a legal dispute. If an invoice or cost invoice is incorrect, please report this within fourteen days.